Diary of Llewellyn: April 27, 1923

MEW Dinner & Entertainment. About 70 people there. I Played for Carl & Geo to sing. Had a 3 man Minstrel (Ernest, Ray, V.D., Roswell). Ma in charge of supper. Had Willa S. out for it. Geo spilled peas down Mrs. Tice’s neck. Otillie & La Moss hung around. Ernest took them home in flivver (?), but came right back. We played & sang while waiting for women to finish in the kitchen. Ernest, Geo, Ruth, Willa, Irene & myself. Carl took Moeser’s & Dishinsher home. Ernest came home with us. Geo took car & went up after ice cream. Ernest stayed & talked until 1:20. I stood talking to him at door.

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