Diary of Llewellyn: March 30, 1923

Good Friday. Willa, Miss Pusch and myself went up to Marinello’s at 35th St. (2:30) and had a shampoo. Willa went with me to look for a hat. After chasing around about 1 1/2 hrs I bought one on 2nd st. Stopped in Montclair and got my choker. Carl came down to see Ma about M.E.W supper April 29th. I got home 8:15 and left at 8:30 for choir rehearsal. Ernest walked home with me after choir rehearsal as he had quite a cold. He did not ome in. Stood outside about an hour. Snowed a little at 11:30pm. Sent Easter Lily to Ma – Hyacinth to Grandma & Aunt Grace.

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