Feb 2011. Family File Statistics

Statistics: February 2011

The last time I posted my statistics was in October, oy!

Feb 2011. Family File Statistics

Okay, so I didn’t get as much done as I wanted. I won’t make excuses. It just didn’t happen! My individual count is up by 63. I do have to say though, ALL 63 are completely cited. Nothing is in the file without a source citation. So 63 is a bigger number then what you first think.

John M Doremus is still the earliest birth date for my family file but I haven’t gotten to the earliest Mays and Taylor generations yet, so I didn’t expect anything different there. There is a new addition to the family once again! I have 26 new locations and 15 new sources! I think those are pretty decent numbers now that I’m looking!

Feb 2011. Website Statistics

The website only has 45 new individuals, but again I don’t add living individuals to the website if I can help it. So any new little cousins don’t count toward the website counts. Also, I have more people added into the family file that I haven’t added to the website yet. I have a process when I’m adding to the website so it’s easy to pick up and stop as my schedule allows. Look! The average lifespan has increased. I don’t know how much it gained but it’s up by almost a year!

Very interesting to see the statistics again, and I can’t wait to see what they look like next time!

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