New Year, New Deadline

I’m moving my deadline for the new site design. I know I’ve been working on it forever, but I just didn’t take into account that November and December were to busy to code a new website. I thought I could get it finished in the week after Christmas, but that just didn’t happen either! I don’t know what it is about this year, but I’m busier then I ever have been and yet I feel like nothing I’ve wanted to accomplish got done!

So there’s a new deadline for the site design. The new deadline is when I get it finished. It’s almost done. By almost I mean the nuts and the bolts. The genealogy database section is done and tested. The blog portion is the part I’m working on. Really I’m just fine tuning and testing it now. The only hangup being that I don’t have enough hours left to fine tune and test between now and January 1st.

New Site Design Preview

As you can see, the right sidebar needs a little work, as does some of the blog entry coding. It’ll be worth it in the end because this design was 100% coded by me!

The reason I chose January 1st was because I’m rolling out my new series titled, “The Diary of Llewellyn”. This is the transcription project I’ve been wanting to accomplish for years now. I’ve tried it in various forms even a blog, but now I think I have the settings all right. When the new design is done, you’ll have an easier way of accessing it from a tab in the top menu bar. Until then you can find the category or tag in the sidebar at anytime.

Each entry will have the above image at the top to distinguish it. These posts aren’t going to come everyday, unless Llewellyn wrote everyday. For example, she started the journal on January 1st, 1923 but her second entry wasn’t until January 19th. So there will be gaps where she left gaps. The diary goes on for 3 years, and it became more of a habit as the first year goes by. Eventually, you will start to see mentions of Bill. Bill would be William Lawrence Moore, who Llewellyn would marry in June of 1926.

Stay Tuned for the first Llewellyn entry tomorrow!

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