Gladys Crisp

1930 Census. Roy Williams household. Rowan County, KY

I’ve been looking for various Crisp children in the 1930 census. I finally found Gladys (child of Jacob Crisp) living in the household of Roy Williams as a lodger. I noticed that there is a child, Roy, listed. For a minute I was sure it was Gladys’ son because it shows his last name as being the same as Gladys’ and it says Lodger son. Taking a minute to view the rest of the incoming information, I realized that maybe there was a miscommunication, because Roy shared a name with his mother’s landlord.

I left the two other households in the image because Caudill and Puckett families actually married into the Crisp family also.

Kentucky Birth Index, 1911-1999

This led me to the Kentucky Birth Index on Ancestry. With such a big Kentucky family tree, I really love this index. You can see above that I find Gladys’s son Roy Fultz in the index. So this brings up more questions. My next step would be to look for a marriage between Gladys and a Fultz. There isn’t a marriage index for that time period so I’ll have to add that to my Kentucky research trip list.

My Family File

Interestingly enough, Gladys’ mother was actually a Fultz.

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  • Kellie Wagoner

    May 11, 2011

    I also notice that the next door family was the Puckett’s. Gladis paternal aunt Virginia “Jenny” Crisp was married to Henry Puckett and had 4 children before he died in an accident. She then married Amos Fultz, brother of Leticia Fultz and the brother in law of her own brother Jacob Crisp. Chances are that family of Pucketts were cousins of cousins to Gladis.

  • Robert

    September 21, 2012

    I’m a book collector and have found a picture in a book I received of Gladys Crisp. It also says Gagoo, I don’t know if thats a name or a place. The picture looks to be of a woman 20’s to 30’s taken around the 1940’s or 50’s. If you know who she is and would like it please let me know. I would like to get it back to her family if I can.

    • Louise Atkin

      April 22, 2014

      Wondering if you still will see this. Today I received a picture of our Aunt Gladys with my older sister & me. Was taken in Mansfield in the 50’s

  • Louise (crisp)Atkin

    April 11, 2013

    Gladys Crisp was a sister of my father, Vester Crisp. I would love to see the picture. I have been trying to find any information from my dads side of family. Thanks, Louise


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