Statistics: October

I’ve decided to do a regular check on my family file and website statistics. I haven’t decided if it will be monthly or maybe more than that. I just want to see how on track I’m staying!

Family-File Statistics, October 2010

These stats are for the Family Tree Maker statistics. My RootsMagic file is identical for the most part so there shouldn’t be any difference.

Website Statistics, October 2010

These stats are skewed from the actual family file. I’m not adding any living individuals to the site, so obviously there aren’t as many people in the website database. The sources are slightly different because I’m using a ‘Personal Knowledge’ source for living individuals when I’ve asked them directly for information. I’ve also had emails that deal directly with living individuals, so those aren’t needed on the site either.

I’m currently in the process of sorting through the Mays family. They’re always a wild card. I’m thoroughly researching each individual through available resources before adding them onto the website. This means that I’m slightly ahead in my family file of where I am on the website. I probably have about 20 Mays ancestors that I’m still researching on the censuses and online vital records.

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