Busy Busy Busy

The day after we said goodbye to our dear old mailbox, I did something stupid. In hindsight, I probably couldn’t have avoided it. It was probably going to happen no matter what kind of circumstances led to it. Alright, I’ll tell you. I fell down the front porch stairs. I didn’t fall down all the stairs luckily. Just the last two. The first night I was afraid I broke it, but luckily it’s just a sprain. The problem is I’m a horrible patient. The first two days I had problems getting comfortable whether I was sitting or standing. Now the problem is not over-doing things now that I’m finally on the mend. I just can’t sit still!

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The second thing I’ve been doing is troubleshooting my new website design. I like keeping you guys updated on my progress because it keeps me from quitting. This design is all my own. I haven’t modified any templates to suit my needs. So it’s a labor of love that is taking awhile to do. My current issue is getting all three columns to line up. I need that middle one to scootch over a bit so the blog sidebar can move up in line with the rest of the layout. You can’t see it but it’s there all the way at the bottom. Then I’ll conquer the customization of all the WordPress things like the look of a blog entry and the sidebar customization. I’ll tell you though, more than once I’ve wanted to download a theme from somewhere and just be done with it! This will be more satisfying by far.

Hopefully it gets figured out by January 1st, because that’s when I’m starting my Llewellyn Project. I’ll tell you more about that during Sentimental Sunday.

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