What I’ve been doing

I have to admit something. I haven’t touched my own genealogy in at least a week. It could be longer. I don’t remember now. I’ve done quick little searches here and there. I’ve searched Footnote and Ancestry for some things. The plain fact is I got a bit burnt out. Not to the point where I want to take an extended break. In fact, I want to do some now! The problem is I’ve just been so busy. I know that if I get into my own genealogy, I’ll probably be at the computer all day long! So this is what I’ve been doing.

Thanks to a blog entry by Amy Coffin, my Sunday night was spent indexing over 500 names in the 1930 census! It really did help with a nail-biter game between my hometown Redskins against their biggest rival, the Dallas Cowboys. Don’t get impressed by the big number yet though, most of the pages already had the names and ages. I really just verified and filled in the missing blanks. I’ve also been doing my 10 pages for Lowcountry Africana. I’ve got 2 finished already. These are taking me a bit longer because the handwriting is a bit more difficult to read, and I’m making sure I read the whole page and get the context of the text first. I don’t want to make any mistakes! Censuses are a bit easier to index in that respect.

It hasn’t been all work for me though! I’ve been dogsitting. These two are Sammie and Heidi. They’re such quiet, docile girls.

This however, is Gretchen. She’s very young and very energetic. I joked to my family this week that I’m officially cured of puppy fever! Saturday can’t come soon enough with this one! All joking aside, it’s been really nice playing with these three everyday.

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  • Lisa Wallen Logsdon

    September 15, 2010

    Ha…puppy fever! I had that almost 3 years ago now and I ended up with two very different puppies close in age…and I’m still paying for it, LOL! I love them dearly though and they are featured at the very bottom of my blog.

    Great shot of the two screens! I’m afraid any camera I have would focus on one and the other would be blurred. I’m sitting here watching the morning news with my laptop in my lap and have essentially the same view before me. If my Android phone were within reach I’d be tempted to see what it’s camera can do as far as focusing on the two.

  • Amy Coffin

    September 15, 2010

    Thanks for the mention. I told you, indexing really helps you cope with football games that are a little too close for comfort. I did some indexing during that game, too. 🙂

  • Kathleen

    September 15, 2010

    Lisa: Oh no, just looking at the pictures of your babies makes the puppy fever relapse! Gosh, dogs are just so darn cute.

    I was also very surprised by the decent picture my phone took of the TV. When I really want a picture, it never comes out. This time I just snapped a shot and it was there!

    Amy: I had to give credit where credit is due! That was a great trick. It definitely kept my blood pressure down. What a game to have as the opener for both teams!

  • kristin

    September 21, 2010

    We used to have a dog that looked a lot like the rotweiller mix ( i think) you have up there. Ours was mixed with…can’t remember. Her name was Ursala.


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