Surname Saturday: Redford

I’m almost finished highlighting the surnames on my father’s side of the family!

Where does the Redford name originate from?

My Redford line came over from England about 1870 or 1871. I haven’t found them in any passenger lists yet but I haven’t looked very hard yet either. Once they got to America they settled in Essex County, New Jersey.

Did the Redfords stay in New Jersey?

For the most part, yes. There were quite a few that moved to California.

Overview of the Redford Family

Father: Samuel Redford (about 1843 – 28 Sep 18971 ).

Mother: Francis W Travis (about 1841 – ? )


  1. William Redford ( Jun 1869 – ? )
  2. Herbert Redford (14 Nov 1872 – 11 Sep 1940 2) My 2nd Great Grandfather
  3. Sarah E Redford (07 Oct 1874 – 18 Apr 1959 3)
  4. Samuel Redford (about 1877 – 30 Sep 1877 4)
  5. Lillian L Redford (23 Apr 1879 – 07 Dec 1958 5)
  6. ? Redford (03 Aug 1882 – 1882 6)

Of all the children William and Herbert were the only ones to have children that I know of. William’s son Harry William Redford (01 Aug 1894 – 17 Nov 19797), moved to Los Angeles and was living with Sarah, her husband, and Francis in 1920. In 1930, he was married and living in a house with his wife. I am unsure yet if they had children.

Herbert Redford would marry Sarah Ann (Sadie) Sutcliffe and have 4 children (Clifford, Howard, Edith, and Lilian). Herbert’s family stayed in Essex County, New Jersey. Herbert on the other hand, moved to Los Angeles around 1925. I think it was either right before or right after Sadie’s death. I haven’t found a death record for her yet.

Records to get for the Redfords

  • Birth Record and Death Record for Clifford Herbert Redford (my Great Grandfather)
  • Birth and Marriage Record for Herbert Redford (my 2nd Great Grandfather)

Redford Links


  1. Records of Births, Marriages, and Deaths of New Jersey, 1848-1900, v51 p277
  2. California Death Certificate
  3. California Death Index
  4. Records of Births, Marriages, and Deaths of New Jersey, 1848-1900, v BE p197
  5. California Death Index
  6. Records of Births, Marriages, and Deaths of New Jersey, 1848-1900, film 494195
  7. California Death Index
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