Mystery Monday: Alma Lycett

I have a huge series of photos that look to be Llewellyn and some friends on a trip. This could coincide with the travel places in the front of her diary, or it could be a whole other time. After discussing it with my Aunts, they said most likely it was a Church trip. That makes the most sense to me also. This picture is a little different from my usual Mystery Monday photos. I know who this is. Her name is Alma Lycett. I know this because it was written on the back of the photo and I made sure to label the file when I scanned it. A quick census search shows the closest match in age and name is Alma M Lycett, who lived in Norwalk, Connecticut. Llewellyn’s travel list shows her visiting Middletown, New Haven and Hartford Connecticut in July of 1923. Interesting.

I’m really putting this photo up for anyone who may be searching for Alma someday. Hopefully I’ve used the right keywords to bring someone here.

Mystery Monday is an ongoing series of photos I’m posting that have some kind of mystery attached to them.

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