Sentimental Sunday: I miss them

1982, Washington DC. Wayne and Emogene Utter. Mary Greene.

We have a Museum Sunday tradition in our house now. About once a month, we all go up to a Smithsonian Museum and just take it in for the day. We’ve done two already. This Sunday, I’m a little sentimental about my Grandma and Wayne. They’ve both been gone about 5 years now. 2005 was such a tough year. My Grandma’s biggest fear was that the family would never see each other after she was gone. We all laughed and said it would never happen. The last two years I’ve seen it start happening. I don’t know what happened to us, but everyone is going their own way for awhile I guess.

The above picture is from a trip that my Grandma, Wayne, and Great Aunt Mary (Grandma’s sister) made to visit my family before I was born. I have a few pictures of them around DC with my very young, older brother. I can’t help but think how cool it would have been to be able to see these kinds of sights with my Grandma now. I miss her so much some times!

2010, Washington DC.

She was so proud of my genealogy research. Sometimes I would call her with a discovery:

Me: “Grandma! Did you know Lula’s mother was married before and had a son from that marriage?!”

Grandma: “Yeah, his name was James.”

Me: “Oh.”

Those are the calls I miss the most. She always gave me just enough to keep me going but she always let me find things on my own. I appreciate that now because it’s so much more satisfying to know you’ve put the work in yourself.

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