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Let me be up front. My usual operating procedure is I get really excited about something, spend all my time on that one thing, then I lose steam. I’m working on spreading myself out a little more in all aspects of my life. I really don’t multi-task well is what I’m getting down to. So we’ll see how my new outlook affects me in August.

Website Re-Design: This is still in the works. I haven’t given up on it or my previous design. I just want to tweak it a bit more. I’ve also decided to actually learn the coding I’m using instead of just trying to manipulate things from a ready-made template. I’ve been much happier with my TNG websites after I ditched the templates and made my own design. I’m hoping the same goes for WordPress. I really want a better integrated website. I’m good with HTML and CSS, so I just have to learn what I need to about some WordPress coding to make my designs work.

Ordering records has gotten a lot easier in recent years. The last time I ordered a record from New York City, I filled out the form (I love forms), sent away for it, and waited the few weeks. I really do love sending for records. Then I remembered, I don’t have any envelopes… or stamps… or checks… Which means I’d have to find a time to go and get a money order, which isn’t easy to time.

It was then I saw on the NYC Records form that there was a place to order online. Online! Now the last time I ordered a record, ordering online was very expensive.

This time however, it was the same price! Ordering by mail was $15.00 (for the record/search), $2.50 (for shipping). Online ordering only added an extra $1.00 surcharge from what I could see! So my order is placed from the comfort of my pajamas, without going out to town, without the risk of my crazy new allergies flaring up. I’m sure it’ll still be 4-6 weeks for delivery but it would probably take me up to 2 weeks to get everything together to order. I really do hate going to town if you couldn’t tell. Of course not all areas have this option available, or at the lower price, but it’s certainly nice to find. Especially since I have quite a few New York City records to gather eventually.

Order your own New York City Records

I can’t wait to get this record, if they find it that is. I ordered the marriage certificate of Robert J Moore and Mary E Johnson. If you’ve been keeping up on my Moore adventures, you’d know that I’m blocked on Robert’s mother and Mary’s parents (their names!). Maybe this record will give me something good, maybe it won’t, but I’d at least have a date for their marriage!

I’ll keep you updated when the record comes in.

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