Not prepared!

Folks, I am not prepared for a trip to the Family History Center in town. I’m going to do it anyway. My mom’s co-worker is actually an LDS Church Member and he’s said he’ll take us in and introduce us around and help us get situated with the place.

My first reaction was panic. I’m not ready for that kind of information influx you know! Then I realized I’ll NEVER be ready up to my standards, so I’m going in with both eyes wide open and maybe my camera to document the experience. I found I do love to take pictures, even if I don’t know how to take good ones yet. ^.^

The annual Moore Family Reunion is set and coming up fast on July 4th. Maybe I’ll bring back another box of information. I think there is only one more, but I don’t know. I do know I had Llewellyn’s birth certificate and maybe even death certificate at some point and I don’t now. So that’s got to be at least one box of documents. I cringe at how many photos could still be left. Oy!

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