No Genealogy today

Unfortunately, there was no time to write up a post today. I was playing around with my new purchase:

Unfortunately, I forgot to get my Serial ATA cable at the same time. Then I decided why not just install it as the primary drive. My old drive is pretty old, and pretty small.

I didn’t forsee not being able to use my current Windows 7 key on my new install. Seems my key will only work on an upgrade and not on a new install. So that’s alright, just have to go back to Best Buy and get a cable. I did however, waste most of my day trying to get this to work. Good thing I figured it out today and not 30 days in when Windows stopped working!

After all the stress of today and frustration, I’m going to break out my fluffy pajamas and a cold ginger ale. 😉 I want to relax! Shoot, I never did get the laundry in either. What a day!

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