Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day, I’m going to show you a little glimpse into what we worked on recently. Our first vegetable garden. It’s our first try, and we’re still noobies when it comes to things like this, but we’re trying. That’s all that really matters right?


Here’s my parents trying to figure out how the water source is going to work.


Poor dad, he’s stuck with a bunch of girly girls. We do our best though!


Should I have made them sign releases first? Oh well, they’ll yell at me later. Mom is the brains behind this operation.


Looks like it’s working to me!


Look Amanda came to assist! Now I get to keep taking pictures. That’s my job you know. I’m supposed to document everything. It’s an official role in the family.


Without my official role, these pictures would be impossible. So happy Earth Day!

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